Premarital Coaching

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What is premarital coaching

For Keeps is for couples who want to give their marriage every chance. Premarital coaching is an opportunity to get to know one another on levels previously unknown. It explores your unique expectations to avoid future marital pitfalls. 

How it's a benefit

Even for couples who already have amazing communication, premarital coaching delves into conversations that they may never have considered. Imagine having your first big marital argument already solved before you even get married; before it even becomes an argument! 

Avoid divorce

We often hear of high divorce rates and find ourselves wondering how people as happy and in love as we are now end up separated. The alarming reality is that the divorce rate in the US is 53%. 

The good news

For Keeps offers premarital coaching which focuses on avoiding the divorce conversation before it ever comes up in an enjoyable, low stress way. For Keeps explores twelve major aspects of marriage with the couple in positive, forward-thinking, informal sessions. 

Coaching is unique

Premarital coaching is not about telling couples whether they should get married; they already know they should! Nor is it about finding conflict where there is none. Instead, the focus is on providing support and encouragement as well as the best head start. Every marriage will have struggles but only couples with the right tools make it. For Keeps has the best toolbox for the job! 

The result

Couples often emerge from this experience with renewed trust in the strength of their marriage and a sense of peace that their marriage will not become yet another divorce statistic.  

For Keeps premarital coaching is open to all couples regardless of sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, or other personal defining factors. This includes couples of interfaith, interracial couples, LGBTQ+ couples, and atheist couples. For Keeps strives to provide an open-minded, safe place, free of judgement to give couples every opportunity to speak openly and honestly.  

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