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Rachel Lamson

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Rachel Lamson is a warm and relaxed counselor based in Indianapolis and is passionate about assisting couples in navigating their ideal future together. She is a professional counselor who has extensive experience in communication, conflict resolution, healthy relationships, and couples therapy. 

Rachel has her Masters’ in Psychology and has over 8 years of experience working in the mental health and relationship coaching fields. She has provided the greater Indianapolis area with individual, family, and marital cognitive therapy since 2016. She understands the reality of the fears that marriage brings and is passionate about providing couples with the best chance at a long-lasting and deeply satisfying marriage.

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“A frightening thought to many individuals in a relationship is the thought that this person, who they love so deeply, might wake up one morning and suddenly realize they don’t love them anymore. I work with couples to take that fear away, to warm potential cold feet, and to provide them with a beginning that promises a beautiful life together. 

The cause of divorce can generally be traced back to unmet and unspoken expectations. Using research-based techniques, I am able to effectively help couples explore, express, and compromise on their expectations.

I don't give advice or force solutions. Instead I provide an easygoing and unbiased environment to promote a rewarding marriage by guiding you and your partner in expressing yourselves fully."



Rachel has been featured in wedding articles and relationship blogs. Check out Martha Steward Weddings, Romper, WeddingVibe, She Finds, Bustle, Fatherly, and Fupping to read more. To learn more about Rachel and premarital coaching, visit AMAfeed to view Rachel's 'Ask Me Anything' blogs here