Commonly Asked Questions

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“Who is premarital coaching for?” 

It's best utilized by couples who are engaged but not yet married. 

Premarital coaching is also a great unique engagement gift!

“How does this benefit us?” 

Premarital coaching explores areas of marriage that you may not have discussed fully or even at all. For example, most couples have discussed whether they want children. But maybe they haven’t talked about their parenting styles. They likely haven’t talked about what they would do if the child showed physical or mental deformities in the womb. Or how involved they want/expect their families to be in the child’s life. These are only a sampling of the in-depth discussions premarital coaching invokes. 

Marriage is different than dating, even if you already live together. It’s simultaneously easier and harder. It’s easier because you have stability where you know you aren’t going to end things over an argument. It’s harder because you know you can’t end things over an argument. And you need to trust that this is true. Premarital coaching is the promise that you are all in.

“I’ve often wondered if marriage counseling creates more problems than it fixes; won’t this find issues where there aren’t any already?” 

It’s unlikely. Premarital coaching differs from traditional marital counseling. Traditional marital counseling works with couples who are often at their last resort and already unhappy in their marriage. Premarital coaching instead takes couples currently in the security of their love and works to identify the best ways to keep that security for a long and happy marriage. However, a couple may uncover major concerns where they are unable to compromise. While it’s rare that the counselor is unable to assist the couple in finding a solution, it could happen. In these cases the couple is often grateful that they discovered their differences prior to getting married as it would have resulted in an unsatisfactory marriage. 


"How does this differ from what a church offers?" 

For Keeps has no religious agenda. Many religious institutions provide something similar sounding to premarital counseling. Their counseling tends to be advice based. For Keeps premarital coaching is a guide that assumes the couple already knows what's best for them and engages the couple in asking all the questions to ask before marriage. For couples who aren't religious or don't feel comfortable discussing details of their relationship with their religious leader, For Keeps is the only premarital counseling that is neither religious-based nor conflict-based offered in the greater Indianapolis area. 


“What if not all the aspects apply to us?

For example, my fiancé and I know we do not want children.” 

Even in instances where couples are sure they are on the same page, there are still details which may not have been hashed out. Using your example, For Keeps premarital coaching would explore with them aspects such as their plans to avoid having children. And (for hetero couples) if not using medical sterilization, how would they choose to handle an unplanned pregnancy? The counselor pulls from over 350 questions she devised to provide an individualized set specific to your marriage.


"Where are you located?" 

We come to your home! The coach will travel to anywhere in Indianapolis, Greenwood, Avon, and Plainfield. For an additional driving fee, the coach can also travel to Carmel, Lawrence, Zionsville, Noblesville, Geist, and Fishers. Uncomfortable meeting at your home (or want to avoid the driving fee)? Let us know and we can find a neutral meeting space such as a private room at the library.

Don't live in the greater Indianapolis area? 

We are available to meet online

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Confidentiality and the Cancellation Policy

For Keeps promises full confidentiality. Your information will not be shared with any third parties. Any information shared in sessions, via email, mail, and phone will be kept strictly confidential. 

To receive a full refund, clients must reschedule/cancel at least 24 hours prior to appointment. To receive a 50% refund, clients must reschedule/cancel at least 4 hours prior to appointment.

Sessions rescheduled/cancelled less than 4 hours prior to appointment will not be refunded.